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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sculpt, lengthen & tone - Pilates

from the Aspire Group's Pilates video:

Aspire Pilates video predominantly focuses on
strengthening and isolating the core to help create lean flat abdominals while
improving posture and preventing injury.
 It is a full-body workout
focussed on toning and sculpting our major stabilising muscles such as the
core, gluteals and upper body. Sophie provides options for all levels,
however, it is at an accelerated pace to get the most out of your
workout, so if you have not done Pilates before make sure you are familiar
with switching on your T-zone and using an imprinted spine before you start the

About Sophie:

Qualifications and experience:
CERT III in Fitness and Exercise to
music with Lifetime training in London UK.
Studio Pilates 
TRX certificate
Les Mills Body Balance Instructor.
Group Fitness Instructor/Fitness

Bachelor of Business majoring in
Marketing and PR – Notre Dame
Bachelor of Education majoring in
Theatre studies and minor in English (2/4 years) – ECU.

The Aspire Group Studio:
Aspire Group - we are located in 3 major locations.
Beach - Fred Burton Way
Park - Lochee St (Camelot)
Park - Dale Alcock Homes

Find us via:

My Niche and passion:
Sophie has a passion for introducing
hard core Pilates to those who enjoy working up a sweat but knowing that they
are supporting and listening to their bodies at the same time. She is
passionate about introducing Yoga and Pilates to athletes and males who are
less familiar with the benefits of these training styles and less comfortable
participating in Pilates and Yoga classes.