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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Get Rid Of My Flabby Arms?

Can't wear sleeveless tops? Too embarrassed to buy a singlet? Read on, for the definitive answer on flabby arms. There are three things we need to be aware of before embarking on any effort to reduce fat, floppy, wobbly and dimply parts of our body.

1.) Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and take particular note of where you tend to store fat. For many women, it's the butt and thighs. For men, it's often the tummy.
If your arms are your fat storage vehicles then you need to know that no matter how pure your diet and exercise routine, you may never have Madonna's triceps. It's the way you were put together. Take leading tennis player, Serena Williams, for example. Can you imagine how much exercise she's put her body through? By her own admission, all of that running around the court has done very little to get rid of her big booty. Accept it and work with it.

2.) Take an interest in your food and the amount of kilojoules you're eating daily. Muscle definition can be hidden by a blanket of fat, fed by too much food.

3.) Like with all muscles, use them or lose them! Pushing a pen or sitting at a computer all day won't help your arm definition.

Check out the ten minute mini routine below, if you don't know where to start.

March on the spot for 30 seconds, doing imaginary breaststroke with your arms. Complete the following routine twice through, resting for 15 seconds between exercises (but only if you need to). You'll need a set of 1.5 to 2.5 kilogram hand weights, or 2 water-filled sipper bottles and a chair.

Supported Curls - Sit in a chair holding a dumb bell in each hand, elbows on knees, palms up. Lean forward, then curl weight towards right shoulder. Reps: 15 times per arm.
Cardio Mountain Climbers - Get in push-up position with hands on leading edge of chair seat. Bring right foot forward 30cm, slightly bending knee. Jump quickly, switching feet. Duration: 1 minute
Chair Dips - Sit just in front of chair edge with straight arms supporting weight. Bend elbows and lower body towards floor. Push back to start. Reps: 10-15
Cardio High Marching - March on the spot with high knee and arm action. Duration: 1 minute.
Dumb Bell Pullover - Lay on floor with arms straight up in front holding dumb bells, palms almost touching. Slowly lower weights behind your head. Reps: 15 Strong arms make everyday activities like lifting children, carrying shopping, raking leaves and changing bedsheets much easier.

From our mid 30's we start losing muscle mass at the rate of 1-2% per year and by the time many women reach 80, they've lost around 40 percent of muscle. Try hiring a kayak, or taking on a boxing class.

Better still, almost all of our eFit30 routines have an upper body component. Download them and do them wherever you like, whenever you like. It really is fitness at your fingertips.