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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year’s resolution – Get the most from your free eFit30 workouts.

YouTube Workout videos are popular, but do you use them well? Is the time you are spending doing fitness video’s improving your fitness? Workout plans are easily derailed. They are designed to do at home, and usually alone, so how do you make the most of your precious time?
What can you do to increase your chances of following through on your good intentions in 2013? Here is a list of tips for helping you be successful with your eFit30 YouTube workouts.

Make sure the video is right for you

The best type of exercise for you is one you are genuinely interested in. There is no point in playing a Yoga video if you want to burn calories fast and are looking for a high energy routine. Our high energy routines use the word “Cardio” in the title. You will already have some ideas about what you like so start with that. The degree of difficulty like beginners and intermediate is somewhat subjective and is a rough guide only. Everyone has a different level of fitness and our trainers have varying ideas about what a beginner may be capable of. The levels we specified on the videos are a very rough guide only and it is what suits you and is not a commentary on your skill level. Recently we have done a large number of mat workouts and fitness ball workouts that are designed to vary the exercise and pack as much as possible into 30 minutes. There is nothing to stop you doing two of our workouts back to back!
Keep you workouts interesting and fun.
Vary the routines as this is better for your body and will help you to look forward to your exercise time.
Your workout Space
It is important to have enough room to exercise. Think about how much space you will need in front of you, and to the sides. Most of our workouts, for example, are fairly stationary usually just a little more than the room for your mat and fitness ball. We did this on purpose!

Pick a regular workout time

Keep them short rather than trying to find time for an hour if you are time poor. Also get into a routine by setting aside a specific time of the day and week. If you are a morning person working out in the morning is great so you can feel better throughout the day. Set up the night before make sure your workout area and workout clothes are all set to go. This leaves you with no excuses when the alarm goes off. There is no best time to work out just the time that suits you and your body.

Get Your Equipment ready before you start

Read the footnote at the bottom of our YouTube before you start to make sure that you have the right equipment before you start. If we failed to list all the equipment be sure to leave a comment so we can fix the description. We do read all your comments even if we don’t always get time to respond.
Use Pause and Go Back
Don’t be a slave to the pace of any video. Everyone works at a different pace. Our videos will plough ahead whether you understand what’s going on or not and unfortunately we can’t be there to watch you just yet! Do not hesitate to scroll back, watch an exercise or a portion of a workout again, then follow along. Similarly, use the pause button to get caught up rather than skipping something just to keep up with the video.

Pay attention to your form

Exercising with good alignment is absolutely critical to getting the most benefit from any exercise, and to avoiding injury. It’s better to watch an exercise, go back, and then do it, than to distort an exercise in order to see it on the screen. After you’ve done the routine a few times you will be able to sail through without pauses.

Make sure you cool down

After your last exercise, your workout is not over. The first thing you need to do is cool down. You still should do light cardio for a few minutes. This brings your heart rate down at a slow and steady pace, which helps you avoid feeling sick after a workout. Walking on a treadmill or on the spot for five minutes is a good and easy way to cool down or use our video recommendations.

Don’t forget to stretch

Then, you should stretch again. This is one of the most important things you can do. After a workout, muscles naturally contract. Stretching again prevents them from shrinking. It allows your muscles to rebuild, growing bigger and stronger, and thus allowing you to get the full benefit from your efforts.

Drink plenty of water

You need to drink during you routine to keep your hydration up and you will hear our trainers talk about this but even when you are actually done exercising, you need to keep replenishing your fluid levels. It’s recommended that you drink another 2-3 cups within two hours after you have finished. Then, drink water regularly afterwards. You may not feel thirsty anymore, but you still need to replenish yourself to avoid getting dehydrated. Hydration is an important part or your daily life!

Refueling your body after the workout

Eating is one of the last, but one of the most important, items to do after a workout. You have not only burned hundreds of calories and lost carbohydrates, but you have also actually torn your muscles. You need to repair your muscles and boost your energy level, and you need to do it fast. It’s recommended that you eat within 90 minutes of your workout, but the sooner the better. Look for foods that are packed with complex carbohydrates and high in protein. A perfect example is a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread. You could also try the protein shakes and smoothie recipes that we have on our website from Babes on the run. If you exercise just before lunchtime the protein could be part of your lunch so that you no not consume more food that you would otherwise in your daily routine.
The carbs will re-energize your body, while slowly turning into calories – so you have plenty of time to burn them before they turn to fat. The protein helps repair your muscles, so they grow stronger while your body rests until the next workout.
Good luck on your fitness journey and be sure to let us know your success story on our contact us form.
eFit30 Team.