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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So you think snacking is bad??

Snacking between meals has been given a bad reputation. Many people believe that if you are going to lose weight or diet that there is no place for snacking and that sticking to 3 meals a day will lead to weight loss.

Losing weight does not mean that you have to feel starving hungry all day. It is not the snacks that are the problem it is what we are choosing to snack on that is often laden with extra calories.

Most of us will choose crunchy, salty foods such as nuts, pretzels chips cakes and cookies. When the energy levels run low through the day that dose of sugar may make you feel better for a short time but will quickly lead to weight gain and other more serious health issues.

Snacks need not be a guilty pleasure they can be incorporated into your weight loss plan.

·       Plan your snacks so you are not left reaching for the biscuits.
·       Think of the calories. 1 banana is more calories than but 40 blueberries.
·       Don’t drink your calories stick to water and avoid soft drinks.
·       Swap sugar laden snacks for fruit.
·       Swap a chocolate bar for a small low fat chocolate drink.
·       Eat berries full of antioxidants instead of lollies full of sugar.
·       Have frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Foods with a higher fibre and water content will have fewer KJ. Choose from fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts (unsalted) and seeds and low fat dairy products.

Keep a food diary and write down everything. This way you can see if your snacking is healthy and encourages us to consume less calories and make better choices.

Remember to keep a balance and moderation in mind when choosing your snacks and you will find you will not only feel better but your waistline will thank you.